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Celebrating Losar - 16/02/2018

Today is the first day of the year for all who live in Tatopani, and who follow closely the religion of Tibetan Buddhism. Together, we danced, sang and ate together!

Happy New Year - Year of the Earth Dog!



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Fruit at the Hostel - 01/02/2018

Everyday, is fruit day! At the Hostel, we ensure that all children have at least one piece of fruit per day – either banana, or apple. Stay healthy!


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School day: 19/01/2018

Preparing to go to school!

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Homework time - 12/01/2018




Never skipping the homework, always dedicated!




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Bravery - 08/01/2018




Unfortunately, our dear Chenga Sherpa has not felt well recently and we decided to take her to the Hospital. What in our country would be a tolerable episode since we would have the hand of our mother to give us strength and comfort, is not what happens to the children of the Hostel. To be a child and to take blood samples without having a mother around, not crying or complaining: for our reality, yes, it is bravery, and it makes us appreciate the comfort of "home".





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Christmas tree at the Hostel - 17/012/2017

Today, we assembled the Christmas tree at the Hostel. Using some old and some new decorations, the tree became bright in just a few minutes, as the children were all so eager to be a part of the decoration process.

From everyone from the Hope Camp, we wish you a Merry Christmas!