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Meeting with the Duguna Gadi Villagers Committee: 07/11/2017

On this Tuesday, the DGV Committee, members from the Dwarika’s Foundation and from Shanti Leprahilfe Dortmund reunited for a meeting at Dwarika’s Hotel.  All together, they discussed the land and plots exchange between all villagers from all villages. Amongst other topics, they also addressed the road and bridge conditions, and how the soil behaved during and after the monsoon season.

Important information is being gathered, and soon the construction work will start!

 Meeting with all members

Group photo with all members

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EcoHimal’s visit to the Villages: 07/11/2017

Mr. Kurt Luger, from EcoHimal, made his regular stop in Nepal and took the opportunity to get to know the villages better. Mr. Narayan Dhakal, from EcoHimal Nepal, joined the visit, and so did we. While revisiting the villages, we made a special stop in Yarmasing, the village located at the highest altitude – the view was mesmerizing, and the people warm as always. The flowers and grass now cover the fields, and with that, different species of butterflies arrive, bringing more movement and colour to the scenario.


It was a short trip, but worth it, as always! 

Mr. Kurt Luger admiring the view from Yarmasing



Mr. Narayan Dhakal and Mr. Luger checking the plots for the new houses

Local women working the fields

Durba Anmol taking photograph of Yarmasing

The team changing ideas with a local man

The blooming flowers which are covering the fields and houses